Google is Updating Drive File Stream to Replace Drive Plug-in For Microsoft Office

The update to Drive File Stream will include a plugin to manage Google Drive files from Microsoft Outlook.

Drive File Stream allows users to access Team Drives and other documents stored in the cloud on demand.

This Mac or PC app for G Suite customers will now incorporate the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office that allows Windows users to edit, email and share Office files stored in Drive.

The new Drive File Stream will make it quick and easier for users to use Google Drive without leaving the Outlook interface.

The new Outlook plugin that will make users to:

  • Save attachments from Outlook to Drive 

  • Attach Drive files to Outlook messages 

  • Ensure recipients always have access to Drive links sent in Outlook emails 

Drive File Stream already makes it easy to save to the local Drive File Stream folder through the regular “Save” menu.

Rather than using the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office interface, there is new process to save and open Drive files through the regular menu.

  • To save to Drive, use File > Save, then choose a destination in Drive File Stream. 

  • To open from Drive, Open through the File > Open menu and find the file you want. 

To ensure continued access to this functionality, your organisation should make sure your users are using the latest version of Drive File Stream before June 26, 2019.

Let us know what you think about these new updates!


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